The sumps on our Mercedes trucks are made from plastic. Even Mercedes concedes the thread could be damaged even after five oil changes. At $2500 for a new sump, the valve is a no-brainer.Neil NSW

Oil Drain Valves

Oil Drain Valve

The EZ Oil Drain Valve replaces your engine's standard sump plug. Replacing your sump plug with the EZ Oil Drain Valve has many benefits. Once installed, the EZ Oil Drain Valve never needs to be removed.

Cleaner oil changes.
No more burning your hands trying to dodge the hot oil as you remove your sump plug. Just flip the double-actioned lever to release the oil. When using a hose, there is no chance of coming in contact with hot oil.

Draining oil

Saves time.
Drain your oil when it's hotter as you reduce the risk of coming in contact with hot oil. You don't even need to get the tools out. No need to retorque your sump plug to the correct spec. No need for a new crush washer.

Eliminate stripped, crossed or frozen threads.
You've heard it before, you go to change your oil between dealer scheduled service and realise the heavy-handed, spanner monkey has cross-threaded the sump plug and you need a breaker bar to get the damn thing off.

Easy to correct over-filling.
We've all done it. Tempting to just leave it, but it's not good for your engine. Instead of trying to take the sump plug out and quickly put it back in, inevitably making a mess, you simply open the valve to release a precise amount of oil.

Easy oil sampling.
High kilometre vehicles and specialised industrial machinery routinely have oil samples sent to a lab to monitor wear and contaminants. Taking a sample is easily achieved with the EZ Oil Drain Valve. Even if you just wanted to visually inspect your oil, easy done.

Poor access to sump plug
Often, due to the position of the sump or location of the engine, the sump plug may be difficult to get to with tools. Typical case would be on inboard engines in boats. As long as you can get a hand on the valve, it is as easy as flipping the lever.

Design & Construction

EZ Oil Drain Valve Cutaway

The double-sealing, ball valve design ensures there is no leaking when the valve is shut and to operate the valve, the lever must be moved in two axes (up from the lock position and then rotated through 90 degrees). There is no chance of the valve opening due to vibration or shock.

The EZ Oil Drain Valve is made from nickel-plated, forged brass and stainless-steel which will resist corrosion, in even the harshest of environments.

USA Patent D755348S

Quality & Reliability

The EZ Oil Drain Valve will outlast your engine. Each valve is manufactured to precise specifications and individually tested at our ISO-9001 certified factory.

We are so sure of the performance of the EZ Oil Drain Valve, that we offer a lifetime warranty, against manufacturing defects, to the original purchaser.


The EZ Oil Drain Valve is available to suit most applications. Please see our Size Guide to determine which size is suitable for your engine.


Valve Body - Corrosion Resistant Nickel-plated Brass
Pressure Rating - 250 PSI
Temperature Rating - -30° C to 150° C
Internal Ball - Chrome-plated Brass
Seat - Teflon
Lever - Plastic Coated Stainless Steel
Spring - Stainless Steel
O-ring - Viton (Synthetic Rubber)
Warranty - Lifetime

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Go to our Size Guide for a full list of valves, adapters, accessories and prices.

We have valves to suit trucks, cars, bikes, boats and more.

Hose Ends

Hose Ends

The EZ Oil Drain Valve can be used with or without hose ends. Without is usually the preferred option if the draining oil has a clear path to the catching receptacle. It is also the lowest profile option, and in many cases , the only option if clearance is an issue.

Where a hose is needed, we have optional hose ends available.

Some reasons to use a hose may be:
• To redirect the flow of oil around a cross member, engine mount or other obstacle.
• To permanently leave a hose connected so the bash plate/sump guard/cover does not have to be removed when dropping the oil. It may be possible to reach in and open the valve.
• To drain the oil directly into a container. No need to double-handle from the drain pan to the old bottle.
• To be able to drain the oil outside on a windy day. Especially useful on trucks where the sump is high up.
• To attach a vacuum machine to drain the oil.

The hose ends are made from Nickel-plated brass for corrosion resistance.

No hose attached
Hose attached
Oil flowing with hose

Optional hose ends are available in straight form or 90 degree elbow. They are interchangeable and feature a Viton o-ring for a perfect seal.

Straight (H)

Valve with straight hose end

Hose ends are attached with an open ended spanner.

90 degree (L)

Valve with L-hose end

The 90 degree elbow can be rotated to the desired position and locked into place.

The L-shaped hose end is for tight access where the hose may kink if bent too sharply.

Our small body valves (EZ-101-125) use H-001 (straight) and L-001 (elbow) hose ends. The ID of the hose required is 10mm.
Our larger valves (EZ-200+) use H-002 (straight) and L-002 (elbow) hose ends. The ID of the hose required is 16mm. You can purchase the appropriate hose from us.

We can also have custom ends specially made to suit your requirements.


Adapters Valve and adapter on recessed sump

Some installations of the EZ Oil Drain Valve may require the use of an adapter/extension. This is sometimes the case when the sump drain hole is recessed or has some other feature on the sump that stops the EZ Oil Drain Valve from rotating/tightening all the way down due to the lever fouling.
Our adapters fit between the sump and the valve to position the valve further away to clear the obstruction.
Most adapters are extensions, so the male end is the same thread as the female end.

We also have certain adapters which have different sized male and female ends for particular applications. Please see our Size Guide for details

Adapters incorporate the same Viton o-ring as our valves.


Protective Cap
End Cap


HOSE10 - 10mm clear vinyl hose for H-001 and L-001 hose ends.
HOSE16 - 16mm clear vinyl hose for H-002 and L-002 hose ends.

H-003 hose ends use 19mm ID hose. We do not stock 19mm ID hose.


Dust caps to prevent dirt build up on the hose end threads. Our valve dust caps are made from aluminium.

DC001 - Screw-in cap for small body valves.
DC002 - Screw-in cap for medium and large body valves.


If you decide to permanently leave your hose end on the valve, you can use this to cap it.

CAP10 - 10mm dust cap for H-001 and L-001 hose ends.
CAP16 - 16mm dust cap for H-002 and L-002 hose ends.

Go to our Size Guide for a full list of valves, adapters, accessories and prices.

We have valves to suit trucks, cars, bikes, boats and more.