What is it?

The EZ Oil Drain Valve is an ingenious device that easily replaces your standard sump plug.
Oil changes become tool-less, mess free and quicker.
No more burned hands.
Stripped threads are eliminated.
Drain oil when hotter.
Easy to adjust oil level if over filled.
Easy to take oil samples.

EZ Oil Drain Valve

Key Features

• Easy Operation.
• Easy Installation.
• Proven Design
• Optional Straight or Elbow Hose Ends.
• Outstanding Reliabilty.
• Lifetime Warranty.
• Will simply outlast your vehicle.
• Patented Design.

Removable Hose Ends

Robust Design

• Secure, double-action lever means the EZ Oil Drain Valve will never open under vibration or shock.
• Chrome plated ball design means it will never leak.
• Teflon seal for smooth operation.
• Nickel-plated, brass body for corrosion-free life.
• Viton O-ring for a perfect, long lasting seal against your sump.

Cutaway view


Common Questions

No. The EZ Oil Drain Valve incorporates the “ball valve” design of valves used in pressurised gas applications and will not leak. Every single valve is constructed under precise specifications and pressure tested, ensuring a perfect seal upon factory approval. The EZ Oil Drain Valve is produced in an ISO-9001 certified factory.
No. When installed, the EZ Oil Drain Valve only extends about 1.5 inch from the oil pan more than a stock oil drain plug in its closed position. The valve's effective locking system requires a double-action mechanism to open it, preventing any accidental openings. Unlike spring-loaded gate valves, the heavy-duty ball valve construction will withstand any engine vibration.
The EZ Oil Drain Valve is constructed out of corrosion-resistant, forged brass, stainless steel, and nickel-plated for added protection from the elements. Brass is the ideal material as it can withstand temperature extremes as well as harsh environmental factors (eg. salt, water, oil, chemicals, etc.). Your EZ Oil Drain Valve will outlast your engine.
Please go to the Size Guide page to find the correct sized EZ Oil Drain Valve. We will soon have a printable measuring chart to help determine the correct size for your application. Feel free to Contact Us for technical help.
Yes, the EZ Oil Drain Valve can be used for many applications, including transmissions, radiators, water drain, fuel drain, diesel exhaust fluid (DEF) tanks and many other applications. Please Contact Us for your requirements as we can also custom design for your application.

Quick Specifications

0 PSI Pressure Rating

VALVE BODY Corrosion-resistant, Nickel-plated, brass
- 0 ° - 0 °C Temp. Rating

Chrome-plated, brass


Plastic over
Stainless steel
Stainless steel



It's not even expensive!

For such a high quality product, you certainly can't complain about the price.
$A39.50 small body valve. $A56.50 medium/large body valve. Hose ends from $8.50. Shipping from $7.90.

It literally costs less than a bottle of good oilJason QLD

Compare the costs over 100,000km for a Toyota 100 Series Landcruiser 6 cylinder petrol.
Don't forget, an EZ Oil Drain Valve is a once only cost. You install it and never have to replace or service it.

EZ Oil Drain Valve cost comparison

Genuine wiper blade inserts (drivers, passenger, rear) replaced every 20,000km. Genuine Oil filter replaced every 7,000km with oil change. Premium quality mineral oil (2 x 5L bottles required) changed every 7,000km (some prefer more frequent changes e.g. 5000km). Fuel prices fluctuate.

We stand behind our product in every way.


100 % Bulletproof
  • The nature of the ball valve design means the EZ Oil Drain Valve will not leak or fail catastrophically.

Satisfaction Guarantee

180 Days (yes, 6 months)
  • If for any reason, you are not satisfied with your EZ Oil Drain Valve, return it for a refund.


Peace Of
life time
  • Covers manufacturing defect of any valve, hose end or adapter to the original purchaser.


Get it
1-3 Days
  • We will ship your order within 48 hours - usually same day.
  • Express Post option gets to metro areas next day. Regional areas may take longer.

What our customers say

What a great product. I wish I'd invented it.
Chris NSW
I forgot how painful it was to change oil without an EZ valve !!
Dean WA
Your service is excellent and valves are fantastic. All my family's cars have them and four other cars I service. So much easier.
Peter VIC
I am very impressed with the excellent quality of your Sump Valve
Raymond VIC
What a great product and great service. Couldn't believe it got here so quick as things usually take a week or so to get here. Fitted it that night and it's going to make future oil changes a breeze. Will recommend these to everyone.
Ben NT

Companies using EZ Oil Drain Valve

We proudly have a wide variety of valued customers ranging from the DIY bloke to large truck fleet management to generator equipment manufacturers to forklift suppliers.

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