Installing the valve is just a matter of removing the sump plug and screwing in the valve.Sam QLD

Frequently Asked Questions

No. The EZ Oil Drain Valve incorporates the “ball valve” design of valves used in pressurised gas applications and will not leak. Every single valve is constructed under precise specifications and pressure tested, ensuring a perfect seal upon factory approval. The EZ Oil Drain Valve is produced in an ISO-9001 certified factory.
No. When installed, the EZ Oil Drain Valve only extends about 1.5 inch from the oil pan more than a stock oil drain plug in its closed position. The valve's effective locking system requires a double-action mechanism to open it, preventing any accidental openings. Unlike spring-loaded gate valves, the heavy-duty ball valve construction will withstand any engine vibration.
For high risk, off-road activities, it is not recommended to install an EZ Oil Drain Valve that will be exposed to potential damage. If the valve is protected by a bash plate, cover, or at minimum, a crossmember, then fitting an EZ Oil Drain Valve may be OK. Please exercise your discretion and common sense.
The EZ Oil Drain Valve is constructed out of corrosion-resistant, forged brass, stainless steel, and nickel-plated for added protection from the elements. Brass is the ideal material as it can withstand temperature extremes as well as harsh environmental factors (eg. salt, water, oil, chemicals, etc.). Your EZ Oil Drain Valve will outlast your engine.
Please go to the Size Guide page to find the correct sized EZ Oil Drain Valve. We will soon have a printable measuring chart to help determine the correct size for your application. Feel free to Contact Us for technical help.
The EZ Oil Drain Valve for passenger cars and light trucks is approximately 7/8" long. This means that the valve only extends out 1/2" more than the standard plug head outside from the oil pan.
Yes. Engines with a recessed oil pan may require an adapter (A-106, A-107, etc.) to prevent the valve from hitting against the oil pan wall during installation. Although our application chart indicates engines requiring an adapter, it is always recommended to determine the shape of the drain port. (In some cases longer adapters are necessary, i.e. part number AL-106). See Sizes & Application for more details.
Yes, the EZ Oil Drain Valve can be used for many applications, including transmissions, radiators, water drain, fuel drain, diesel exhaust fluid (DEF) tanks and many other applications. Please Contact Us for your requirements as we can also custom design for your application.


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Within Australia
Weight Approx. number of valves Regular Post (3-7 days) Express Post (1-3 days)
Under 1kg 10 small or 6 med/large $7.90 $11.60
1 - 3kg 30 small or 18 med/large $12.20 $15.60
3 - 10kg 100 small or 60 med/large $15.40 $18.90

Regular Post takes from 3 days to 7 days and is tracked.
Express Post should get to metro areas on the next day and regional areas within 3 days. Regional WA may take a bit longer.
To get a delivery time estimate check the Australia Post Delivery calculator. We ship from post code 2750.

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To New Zealand

Weight Approx. number of valves Economy Air
(No tracking or insurance)
Standard Air
(Tracking, no insurance)
Under 0.5kg 5 small or 3 med/large N/A $14.55
0.5 - 1kg 10 small or 6 med/large N/A $26.75
1 - 2kg 20 small or 12 med/large N/A $37.95

If you require insurance or expedited delivery, please contact us for a quote.

International orders: We can ship internationally, but you will need to contact us for a quote.


Installation is EZ!

  1. Remove original sump plug and drain oil.
  2. Install the EZ Oil Drain Valve until hand tight.
  3. Using the appropriate sized spanner or an adjustable spanner on the valve body, tighten by a further 1/8 turn. Do not over tighten, especially on the small body valves.
  4. Ensure the lever is in the locked/closed position.
  5. Refill oil to manufacturer specified level.
Recommended torque
Small valves ft/lb Nm
EZ-124, EZ-125 10 13.5
EZ-113, EZ-114, EZ-115 15 20
EZ-103, EZ-107, EZ-109 20 27
EZ-101, EZ-102, EZ-104, EZ-105, EZ-106, EZ-108, EZ-110, EZ-111 22 30
Medium valves ft/lb Nm
EZ-202, EZ-204, EZ-206, EZ-208, EZ-2, EZ-3, EZ-7B 30 40.5
Large valves ft/lb Nm
EZ-200, EZ-201, EZ-203, EZ-205, EZ-207, EZ-209, EZ-210, EZ-211, EZ-215, EZ-5, EZ-6, EZ-7, EZ-8 40 54


To open: Lift lever, rotate lever anti-clockwise until it stops.
To close: Rotate lever clockwise until it drops back into the locking notch.

Satisfaction Guarantee

Refund Policy
If you are not satisfied with any of our products, return them within 6 months (180 days) for a refund (minus delivery fees). We will ask you why, as we value your feedback to improve our products. Contact us.


If you have accidentally ordered the wrong valve, or our application listing is wrong, don't worry - we'll swap it. Just make sure you get a measurement of your original drain plug, so we can work out which one you need. Contact us for help.


EZ Oil Drain Valve offers a lifetime warranty to the original purchaser in the case of manufacturing defect of the EZ Oil Drain Valve, hose end or adapter/extension. Defective parts must be returned to EZ Oil Drain Valve for inspection.

Please retain your invoice for warranty purposes.

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