EZ-MH2 in-line valve with ProVent 200 catch can/oil separator

Yet another catch can application for our drain valves.

This time, Peter had already installed a MANN ProVent 200 Oil catch can for his 2015 Jeep Grand Cherokee. The German-made ProVent separates out the oil in the intake to reduce deposits.

Unfortunately, the drain cock that came with installation kit for the ProVent, started leaking after about 10,000km. Apparently, this is a common problem, so Peter opted for our EZ-MH2 in-line drain valve to replace it.

EZ-MH2 ProVent

Our valves are designed and built with longevity and reliabilty as a requisite.EZ-MH2

Provent 200 Oil separator/catch canEZ-MH2

We also have an in-line valve with 3/8" (10mm) dual hose ends (EZ-SH2), but only in a full stainless steel body, so it is more expensive than our nickel-plated brass valves. They are suitable for harsher conditions and overkill for this type of application, but they are available.EZ-SH2

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